Applied BioPhotonics Ltd. (ABP) is an innovative world leader in photobiomodulation therapy (PBT), devices, technology, and products

Photobiomodulation Therapy

PBT, a rabidly emerging FDA approved non-invasive therapeutic regimen employs light energy (rather than drugs) to safely stimulate the body’s natural healing processes – accelerating recovery from injury, disease, chronic conditions, and autoimmune distress.

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Full setup of our PBT system, complete with six LED pads glowing with red light.
The main control unit with LightDr startup screen on.
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Sample of Health Benefits of ABP Photobiomodulation Therapy


Improve Circulation & Tissue Oxygenation


Fight Inflammation


Combat Muscle Spasms, Cramps, Aches, Soreness


Recover from Sprains, Strains, Hyperextensions

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Relax & Reduce Stress


Improve Endurance

Pain Relief

Reduce/Manage Pain including Neck, Back, Joint, Chronic


Relieve Arthritic Stiffness


Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion

Accelerate Recovery

Accelerate Recovery from Fatigue or Injury


Accelerate Recovery from mTBI (Concussion)


Generates ATP, Increase Cellular Metabolism

ABP's Mark II Photobiomodulation Therapy System

ABP Mark 2 PhotoBiomodulation Therapy System

Features of ABP Photobiomodulation therapy

Easy To Use Touch Panel

LightOS™ User Interface

Flexible, Versatile, Intuitive

Dozens of Tissue Specific Treatments to Choose From

Unmatched Versatility

For Patient-Tailored Protocols

Safe, Non-invasive, LED-Based Therapy Outperforms Lasers

Professional Medical-Grade LightMachine & Light-Certified Accessories Insure Quality

FDA Approved

Passing Rigorous Audits and Testing

Medical Grade Polymeric Reconfigurable LightPads™

Non-porous & Hypoallergenic

3-D Flexible

To Maximize Energy Coupling & Efficacy

Interchangeable LightPads

To Fit Every Body Part

Broadband Red & Infrared

Tuned to Cellular Action Spectra

Blue & Violet LightPads

To Kill Virulents

Green LightPads

To Shrink Adipose (Fat) Cells

Tissue Specific

Precise Control of Pulse Frequencies

Global Markets Served By Applied BioPhotonics Products


Physicians (General)

Medical doctors, general practitioners, doctor of internal medicine (internists), family doctors, pain management, degenerative diseases, etc.


Hospitals & Medical Clinics
General practitioners, specialists, orthopedics, post op recovery, chronic ailments, infectious disease, autoimmune distress, degenerative diseases


Physical Therapists

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, recuperation, post-op recovery, accident recovery, motion impairment, neuropathic pain, assisted living & geriatric, degenerative diseases



Doctor of chiropractic medicine, neuromuscular medicine, sport injury, back pain, sciatica / leg pain, accident injury, repetitive strain injury, headache pain, chiropodist, neuropathic pain, degenerative diseases


Competitive Athletics

Professional & amateur athletics, school sports, collegiate sports, Ironman, Olympics, NBA / basketball, NHL / hockey, NFL / football, FIFA / soccer, rugby, tennis, PGA / golfing, lacrosse, sport training, sport injury, musculoskeletal injury, hyperextensions, mTBI / concussion, injury rehabilitation


Executives & Busy People

Immune boost, hormonal balance, pain management, enhancing energy, fatigue, weight management, stiffness, jet lag, stress management


Seniors & Geriatrics

Rheumatologists, geriatric medicine, osteopathic doctors, managed care facilities, Alzheimer’s & dementia, chronic care, pain management, mobility, degenerative diseases


Physicians (Specialists)

Specialists, ENT doctors, endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists, immunologists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedics, pulmonologists, pain management, surgeons, brain doctors, degenerative diseases, urologists


Trainers & Gyms

Pre-exercise warm-up, muscle elasticity / hyperextensions, fatigue, weight management


Physical Fitness

Pre-exercise warm up, improving circulation, post exercise recovery, weight management

Eastern Med

Eastern Medicine Clinics

Pain management, combinational therapy (acupuncture, herbs, supplements), immune boost, hormonal balance, pain management, enhancing energy


Wellness Clinics

Immune boost, hormonal balance, pain management, enhancing energy, sleeping disorders, relaxation, meditation, stress management, combatting colds & allergies


Cancer & Immuno-repressed Patient Care

Recovery (post chemotherapy / radiation), immune boost, nausea management, weakness & fatigue


Dermatologists & Estheticians

Medical dermatology, acne, skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, rosacea, cosmetic dermatology, post laser surgery recovery, post tattoo removal, post chemical procedures, toenail fungus, sunburn recovery, anti-aging



Relaxation, mental focus, sleep disorders, stress management, PSTD, ADD, concussion recovery, Alzheimer’s & dementia, anxiety


Dentistry & Orthodontics

Post op surgical recovery, pain management, combat periodontal disease, oral, disinfection, pre operation anti-inflammatory treatment

Team Sports

Sports Leagues

Professional, collegiate and school leagues, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, polo, lacrosse


Spas & Beauty Clinics

Relaxation, pain management, aesthetician, cosmetologist, beauticians


Cosmetic Surgeons

Post surgery recovery, post breast implant recovery, scar removal, reduces inflammation, combats rejection

Brain Health

Brain Health

Mild traumatic brain injury / concussion, headaches, stress, migraines

Stem Cell

Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell activation and proliferation, enhancing hyperbaric treatments, activating essential oils



Travel fatigue, jet lag, enhancing energy, weight management, stiffness, relaxation, stress management, throat / voice recovery, immune boost


Sleep & Relaxation

Relaxation,, sleep disorders, stress management, 24 hour syndrome, sleep apnea

Mental Focus

Mental Focus

Problem solving, improved concentration, enhanced learning, increased alertness, creativity, analytical ability



Relaxation, introspection, self awareness, spirituality, enhanced immune system, relaxation, de-stress, peacefulness, blood pressure reduction

Life Quality

Quality of Life (QoL)

Pain management, nausea management, enhancing mobility, stress management, chronic join pain, combat dizziness, Alzheimer’s & dementia, Parkinson’s, PTSD, anxiety, combat cancer therapy toxicity, combat infected IVs (dialysis, drugs, etc.)


Pet / Small Animal Veterinarians

Small animal & pet veterinarian medicine, musculoskeletal injury, pain management


Large Animal Veterinarians

Equine medicine, pre-race warm up, camels, injury recovery, training, EIPH, infections

Hear What's Being Said

Our results don’t lie, but don’t take our word for it. Instead, hear what our clients have experienced for themselves.

“I feel a lot better,” Mickelson said via “I travel with a light therapy machine, and I got on it right away. I think it made a world of difference in expediting the healing process to where it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Phil Mickelson
champion PGA golfer

“After suffering the effect of a concussion, my first LightMD session was like a complete 180° – I was more myself, my energy increased, I was able to focus, and remember a lot better … I was really impressed.”

Noëlle Fischer

ABP International Brands

Applied BioPhotonics products are sold & distributed under various brand names regionally and by market.

USA, Europe


India, ME, Africa


LightDr located in Asia, Taiwan, Japan

Asia, Japan


Dogs, Cats, Pet Care


Horses, Large Animal Care


All ABP products maintain the same high standards in design, engineering, manufacturing, safety, and quality.

Thousands of Satisfied ABP Patients & Enthusiastic Advocates Worldwide

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ABP News

Press Release: ABP announces expansion of 3D bendable LED LightPads adding purple, blue, and green LED wavelengths to its portfolio of patented 3D bendable LightPads

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“Pulsed Photobiomodulation Therapy in Athletics,“ Dr. Joe Leahy & RK Williams, NTUH Intl Conv Center, Taipei, 15 Jun 2019. TASM member registration.