Applied BioPhotonics, Ltd. is a Hong Kong corporation and global supplier in pulsed LED photobiomodulation therapy (PBT). We design, manufacture, and sell pioneering FDA-certified medical devices for therapeutics, diagnostics, etc.

PBT Medical Devices

Our PBT products significantly outperform competitiors by offering:

  • Superior control and usability
  • Pulse frequency control for tissue specificity
  • Physician tested, hospital approved
  • Efficacious for a wide range of conditions
  • Automatic hand-free operation
  • Patented LED LightPad optical delivery
  • Certified safety, FDA audit-approved
  • Cost effective, business scalable

Our Business Strategy

Superior IP Portfolio

ABP aims to develop an exceptional IP portfolio by utilizing our access to specific areas of expertise. Included is our access to:

  • semiconductor, photonics, and power electronics expertise
  • medical, sports therapy and physician expertise, as well as phototherapy pioneer
  • manufacturing expertise in molding, packaging, assembly, test & quality systems
  • IP creation, patent prosecution, and litigation expertise (over 400 career patents)

Offer & Deliver Leadership Products

As any great business, we invent, license, and/or improve devices into professional best-in-class products. By repurposing advances in semiconductors and interdisciplinary science for biotech, we are able to offer products with superior features and product usability with high efficacy. ABP also promises to maintain the highest manufacturing, quality, and safety standards while using green manufacturing practices (RoHS compliance, high-energy efficiency, etc.).

Global Business, Local Support

Asia-based, ABP uses cost-efficient international R&D and manufacturing networks, and through our wholly-owned Taiwan branch, we have access to extensive technical talent in Taiwan engineering and business operations. Secured financially, we use Hong Kong banking with no investor intervention. Lastly, customers are serviced locally through network of well-trained Licensed Brands.

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Physicians (General)

Medical doctors, general practitioners, doctor of internal medicine (internists), family doctors, pain management, degenerative diseases…

Technical Specs – The Classic Professional PBT System

Electrical Description

Power input: 120-230VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A, switched, fused
Output voltage: 40V regulated
Output current: 0.6A per channel
Operating frequency: 1Hz to 20kHz
Electrical Certifications: CE

Menu Control

User selectable list, Standard Treatments (included)

Physical Description

Dimension: 50cm x 25cm x 15cm, Weight: 1.5kg
LCD screen: 4.3″ color, touchscreen
LightPad connector: RJ45 (Gen.1)
Min-max operating temperature range: 0ºC to 30ºC
Recomended operating temperature: 18ºC to 25ºC
Operating relative humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Operating pressure: 1060hPa to 795hPa (2km altitude)
Storage/Transportation temperature: 5ºC to 60ºC, humidity 30% to 70%
Storage/Transportation pressure: 1060hPa to 190hPa (12km altitude)