Light-Certified Products

Applied BioPhotonics develops and manufactures machines used in Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBT). PBT comprises a Low Level Light treatment process employing the application of light, which penetrates the skin surface to the underlying tissues, triggering normal cellular functions that lead to a surgery-free, drug-free medical and wellness benefit to the patient.

The professional System

Our Professional Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBT) Systems offer full medical-grade therapies and/or sessions, perfect for hospitals, clinics, and other specialists in a variety of focuses (e.g. fitness, wellness, spa, cosmetic, and more). These units are FDA-Approved in the United States and come with our standard accessories and LightPads.​
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The Classic Professional PBT System is our ground-breaking FDA-Approved medical phototherapy unit. It sports an adjustable handle and two outputs to perform two of our pre-programmed treatments simultaneously.

Key Features: 4.3″ color LCD touchscreen, extensive treatment menu, LightOS 1.9

System Control Mark II - 3D Render

Mark II

Coming Soon

The Mark II Professional PBT System is our upgraded professional unit. Aside from a new look, this system comes with an upgraded operating system that includes an additional pre-made list of recommended therapy sessions based on the patient’s needs.

Key Features: 4.3″/5.5″ color LCD touchscreen, additional pre-made therapy sessions, LightOS 2.0+

The Prosumer System

Our Prosumer PBT Systems are our non-medical devices focused on wellness, designed for our clients that are looking for a more compact and affordable solution. Many hardware features are similar to the Professional PBT System, however these units tend to be more portable and come programmed only with specific pre-made therapy sessions. As such, these units offer a more targeted solution that result in a smaller learning curve.​

System Control Gen 1 Prosumer - 3D Render

Generation one

Note: This system is about to begin funding on KickStarter! Stay tuned for updates.

The Gen 1 Prosumer PBT System is a compact solution to wellness. Dedicated to pre-made therapy sessions, this unit can be fitted with either one or two outputs.

Key Features: 4.3″ color LCD touchscreen, pre-made therapy sessions only, LightOS 2.0+

The Veterinary System

Our Veterinary PBT System is the “human” Professional System but for animals. These units come with standard accessories.

Small animal


The Small Animal Veterinary PBT System is the same unit as our Classic Professional System. It sports an adjustable handle and two outputs to perform two of our pre-programmed treatments simultaneously.

Key Features: 4.3″ color LCD touchscreen, extensive treatment menu, LightOS 1.9

large animal


The Large Animal Veterinary PBT System was uniquely created for use with large animals like equines. This unit is built into a large durable case and comes equipped with four output channels for more LightPad connections and surface coverage.

Key Features: built-in case, four outputs, extensive treatment menu, LightOS 1.9

LightPads™ & Accessories

Every system comes with dedicated LightPads and accessories. Our patented LightPads administer various light frequencies and at various wavelengths (color) to achieve the most effective form of PBT. 

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Physicians (General)

Medical doctors, general practitioners, doctor of internal medicine (internists), family doctors, pain management, degenerative diseases…

Technical Specs – The Classic Professional PBT System

Electrical Description

Power input: 120-230VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A, switched, fused
Output voltage: 40V regulated
Output current: 0.6A per channel
Operating frequency: 1Hz to 20kHz
Electrical Certifications: CE

Menu Control

User selectable list, Standard Treatments (included)

Physical Description

Dimension: 50cm x 25cm x 15cm, Weight: 1.5kg
LCD screen: 4.3″ color, touchscreen
LightPad connector: RJ45 (Gen.1)
Min-max operating temperature range: 0ºC to 30ºC
Recomended operating temperature: 18ºC to 25ºC
Operating relative humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Operating pressure: 1060hPa to 795hPa (2km altitude)
Storage/Transportation temperature: 5ºC to 60ºC, humidity 30% to 70%
Storage/Transportation pressure: 1060hPa to 190hPa (12km altitude)