Light-Certified™ Products

Applied BioPhotonics develops and manufactures machines used in Dynamic Light Therapy. Dynamic Light Therapy comprises a Low Level Light treatment process employing the application of light, which penetrates the skin surface to the underlying tissues, triggering normal cellular functions that lead to a surgery-free, drug-free medical and wellness benefit to the patient.


Programmed with our very own LightOS, the ABP LightMachine sports a color LCD display, adjustable handle, and two outputs to perform two of our pre-programmed phototherapy treatments simultaneously.

LightMachine Details


Red, blue, and infrared LEDs are used in our LightPads to give you a range of specialized Low Level Light treatments used to address many pervasive body management concerns today.

LightPad Versions

Light-Certified™ Accessories

Along with a LightMachine set are various accessories available for purchase:

  • Machine-to-Pad converter
  • Converter-to-Pad cables
  • Pad-to-Pad connector cables
  • Velcro™ fastener strips
  • Hygienic pad covers