What It Means

Applied BioPhotonics, Ltd. aims to provide phototherapy globally through its licensed brand companies. As a licensed brand, you can set up your own owner-operated clinic using our devices and we'll supply you with the hardware, software, IP licensing, training, and support.

Our Relationship

In return for ABP's support, licensed brands will sign a license and supply agreement with ABP. Under such, you may promote and sell ABP products or offer services to clients as your licensed brand name. However, the offer or sale of competitive products is prohibited.

As a result of the supply agreement, licensed brands will provide financial compensation to ABP through: purchase of our phototherapy products for resale to licensed brand customers, royalties on phototherapy clinical services you offer, and through a one-time license fee.

We expect all our licensed brands to provide an earnest effort and adequate support & capital to grow business, as well as practice proper busines and medical ethics.


To be approved as a licensed brand, you must meet certain requirements.

Location & Application

All licensed brands are limited to specific licensed geographies as well as specific licensed applications. Licensed geographies depend on the licensed brand's geographical support, staffing, incorporation, business, medical and import licenses. Licensed applications depend on licensed brand's on-staff medical expertise, relationships and professional networks, reputation, and knowledge.

Having exclusive access to an area (geographically and/or in application) is rare and must be discussed.


ABP requires that licensed brands have the medical expertise needed for practice of phototherapy in a licensed application. For example, for a licensed brand to start a veterinary clinic, we require you have a licensed veterinarian on your staff.


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